50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

50 eco-friendly products. It’s become a trend, hasn’t it? People didn’t use to give too much attention to the environment and what role they play in either hurting or saving it. However, there’s a turn of the tide.

We’re now more aware of how, in the long run, our actions, whether direct or indirect, affect our planet. And it’s about darn time we start thinking about them. We know feel the same way, too. Which is why we’ve come up with this awesome list.

50 Eco-Friendly Products:

1. 10PCS Fruit Protection Bags

You’ve seen it in grocery stores and supermarkets— the decrease in the usage of plastic bags. Governments of different regions across the globe have adopted the initiative to urge businesses to use less plastic.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

And you can do so on your own, too. With these fruit and vegetable protection bags. Instead of carrying and storing nature’s eats in plastic or cellophane pouches, choose this option. These bags are made of mesh polyester. So, they’re very durable.

They’ll continue to retain their form and strength over time, which is a feature that highly signifies reusability. Say goodbye to constantly-replacing plastic bags. Have these lasting fruit and vegetable protection bags as a permanent substitute.

2. 10Pcs Paper Candy Gift Box

Avoiding one-time use bags and boxes is a challenge, especially because we’ve been used to them. When shopping for sweets, you’ll notice that they come in individual plastic packets. That, and when you store them away, you still utilize plastic pouches.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Not anymore. The paper candy gift box is here and it’s strutting down the red carpet with a flag that screams “Save The Earth.” More metaphorically than literally, of course. These gift boxes are designed with paperboard. Therefore, they aren’t harmful to the environment.

Even better, they’re not your ordinary paperboard items. Here are gift boxes that have vintage-style prints, for a unique and elegant look. Write down personalized messages on the gift card attached to it and surprise your friends and family.

3. 10Pcs Recyclable Paper Bag

Bye-bye, plastic. Hello, recyclable paper. Replace those non-biodegradable, easy-to-tear plastic bags, with something sturdier. Something that can be reused. After all, that’s the goal, isn’t it? Lessen waste by reusing.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

You can do this with this recyclable paper bag. Bring it with you on your next trip to your local supermarket and bag produce and other goods with this paper receptacle. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of item-sizes.

Furthermore, you can wield it as a gift holder. If you don’t have the luxury of time to wrap gifts, and would like your loved on to be conscious about being eco-friendly, wrap their presents in this recyclable paper bag. That way, they can still use it after.

4. 18/10 Stainless Steel Collapsible and Reusable Straw Set With Brush

A few restaurants and fast-food chains have been urging customers to veer away from plastic straws. They’re not as needed as people thought they once were. And there are other alternatives that have the exact same purpose.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

We’re talking about the 18/10 stainless steel collapsible and reusable straw set. Without confusing you with the wordy title, it’s a straw that’s made of high-grade stainless steel! It’s durable and non-flammable, repeats won’t be a problem with this drinking device.

Plus, it comes with a straw brush. That’s right! You can clean it with ease. Not only will be you helping the Earth, but you’ll also be taking care of your hygiene, back to back.

5. 2 Modes Adjustable Water Filter Diffuser

There’s no way to be absolutely sure that your home’s tap water is safe. True, you won’t drink from it. But you wash fruits, vegetables, meat products, as well as dinnerware, cutlery, and other kitchenware with water from the faucet.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

With the 2 modes adjustable water filter diffuser, you can rest assured that tap water will be filtered thoroughly. This filter diffuser has a built-in dirt strainer to let clean flowing water out. Dirt and other particles will be sifted effectively.

Also, it provides a champagne-effect flow that gets rids of that splash-back impact when the faucet is turned on to its maximum. Water will feel soft when it hits your skin and will flow smoothly on any other object you’ll put under it.

6. 380ml & 500ml Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermo Cup

A habit you can remove your day-to-day is using disposable cups. You may not be aware of it but a person who, like you, works in an environment that has free cups for water and for coffee, drinks from plastic, Styrofoam, and or coffee cups… a lot.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The world disposes of more than 400 billion of them every 12 months. And that’s a whole year, folks! We can do our part in minimizing this by owning the 380ml and 500ml stainless steel vacuum thermos cup. A drinking container you can reuse in the office, at home, or anywhere else.

It has an insulation time of up to 6 hours. For a similar utensil, very few have the same awesome feature. You can have hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more, with this vacuum thermos cup. The same is true with cold drinks.

7. Bamboo Cheese Board

Luxury doesn’t only belong to 5-star hotels and restaurants. You create that same vibe in your own kitchen! As long as you have the right tools and utensils, that is. And you’ll have the perfect tool with what we have for you on #7.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The bamboo cheese board. It’s a luxurious way of serving cheese and wine without leaving your front door. This bamboo cheese board is so much more than its name. It has a drawer that contains 4 types of cheese knives!

At the same time, it has dents on each side for putting other edibles such as crackers, fruits, you name it! Cheese and wine are the opulent pair you can have when you pay the big bucks at some wine tasting event, or at a fancy restaurant.

But with this bamboo cheese board, you can enjoy them whenever you want to!

8. Bamboo Toothbrush Spoon Fork Straw Knife Set

Go eco-friendly all the way with your utensils and toiletries. It’s possible so long as you have your mind fixed upon it. Along with the proper products to assist you in this switch from apathy to being planet-friendly.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Start with a few basic items. Take a look at this bamboo toothbrush, spoon, fork, straw, and knife set. It contains you every day-essentials in a single pouch. What’s more, they’re travel-worthy because of their portability and lightweight.

This pack has products that have one main material: bamboo. This means that each piece is totally safe for the environment, as well as it is safe for you.

9. 25Pcs Fun Paper Drinking Straws

Straw it up the non-harmful way and have fun as you go along with enjoying your favorite beverages. Being conscientious about the environment never meant forgetting about being whimsical and delightful.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Those 2 words are precisely what this pack of 25 pieces of fun paper drinking straws can be described as. First, they’re manufactured with taste and fragrant-free biodegradable paper. Only flavors from your drinks will go through this pack of paper drinking straws.

Moreover, check out each pack’s funky designs! The “plain” is out the window. Enter, metallic, polka dots, stars, and stripes, in different colors. Collect them all today!

10. 2Pcs Plastic Food Container With Cutlery Compartment

As an alternative to throw-away Styrofoam, cardboard, or plastic containers, replace them with something durable. So durable, you’d be able to hit the replay button on them for a long time. It’s here on #10…

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The 2-piece plastic food container with a cutlery compartment. Heck, yes! Lunchboxes have their place in the fight towards keeping the Earth clean and green. This one has a food capacity of 500-800 ml per container. Remember, this set has 2!

The lid doubles as a cutlery container so you won’t misplace them whenever you’re in transit. Another, this food container set can be sealed tight to avoid spills. Because they come with a seal that ties them together.

11. 7-Gallon Planting Bags For Vegetables

Growing your own vegetable garden? Or are you thinking about doing so? It’s a hobby that won’t only kill time. Likewise, it’s good for your soul. Nurturing greens and seeing them grow brings a sense of fulfillment. And when you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite amusing.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Start with these 7-gallon planting bags for vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, onions, and other similar veggies will flourish in your space. These planting bags have easy-access tops, as well as bottom-openings for harvesting.

Most notably, they’re made of non-woven fabric. This equates to them being sturdy and hardwearing, despite the soil weight they’ll be holding for long terms at a time. Cultivate a garden even without an actual… garden!

12. Automatic Watering Garden Supplies

Proper irrigation. This is a strategy that saves on water whilst watering plants in the right amount. Whether you’re a novice at gardening or are a professional at it, you’ll agree that having an automatic watering device is best for those luscious greens in your backyard (or porch, it’s up to you).

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The automatic watering garden supplies makes its grand entrance. It employs an advance yet practical technology of an automatic irrigation system with a turn of a knob. To further this, it has adjustable stakes to suit the watering method a plant requires.

You can control its drip and flow rate with a speed of 0-60s per drip. What does this mean? You’ll be avoiding water wastage. On the other side of the coin, you won’t over-water your greens as well. It’s a win-win device for a win-win situation.

13. Biodegradable Multi-Size Non-Woven Planting Bags

Have you seen those plastic planting bags that are all over gardening stores, florists, and other similar plant shops? Planting is definitely helpful to Mother Nature. In contrast, those plastic planting bags aren’t.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Fear not! For the biodegradable multi-size non-woven planting bags are here! These bags’ fabric is of natural, reusable, and conservationist material. Similarly, they’re very breathable and are high is moisture-holding.

These biodegradable non-woven planting bags will allow excess water to run out, to prevent overwatering. And they will not limit root growth. Plants will develop fully with these gardening aids.

14. Cotton Environmental Protection Yoga Bag

When it comes to being Earth-aware, it’s not merely about gardening or any practices that involve plating. In fact, your hobbies can be transformed so that they’re Earth-aware too, in a sense. You can achieve this with planet-orient equipment.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

For Yoga and fitness buffs, you’ll love this cotton environmental protection yoga bag. Carrying your yoga mat with you to your workout space, whether it be a studio or in a park, isn’t free of hassles. A rolled mat ain’t breezy to lug around.

Yet, with this cotton environmental protection yoga bag, it will be! Made of 100% top-quality materials, it’s a comfortable and stylish way of holding your yoga equipment and fitness gear. More importantly, they’re waterproof.

15. Cotton Pads Make-Up Remover

First and foremost, your cosmetic items can be transformed into more nature-amiable non-perishables. Some of them, at least. And why not? It’s good to start somewhere, and that somewhere is your gorgeous face.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

With the cotton pads make-up remover. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s made of high-quality crystal velvet and Bamboo fiber materials. You can’t get any more nature-safe than this, in terms of such cosmetic products.

And they’re convenient to store as well as to bring with you to the office.  Safe for nature and for your skin.

16. Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag

We’re back to this again because it’s a habit that really needs to be kicked to the curb. Close the door shut towards plastic grocery bags. In doing so, you’ll be encouraging retailers and shops to quit utilizing said bags, too.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Have your own eco-friendly shopping bag. It’s foldable! They won’t add bulk to your bag, or to your pocket. Simply unfold them when you need them.  Afterward, fold them back to their miniature pocket-friendly size.

Bring them wherever you’re headed in case you’ll end up shopping for items that need to be bagged. There is a myriad of prints and shades to pick from, you’ll want to gather each and every one of them!

17. DIY Kraft Paper Photo Frame With Clips And Rope 10 Pcs

Are you a DIY arts and crafts enthusiast? Do you cherish moments of creating wonderful artwork for the fun of it? Then we’re sure you’re going to adore the crafting articles in store for you in our #17 spot on this list.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The DIY Kraft paper photo frame with clips and rope. These packs of 10 pieces contain frame after frame of neutral-hued paper photo frames. Relive memories and revive them with these simple yet heart-warming crafting products.

What could be better than memorabilia that reflects moments between you and your significant other, and moments with your friends and family? Display them in your scrapbook, on your living room mantles, etc. Or hand them out as gifts!

18. Empty Bamboo Lipstick Container

DIY-devotees! Hear ye, hear ye! Have your ever tried DIY-ing make-up? We’re certain you’ve thought about it! Revolutionize your cosmetic kit and think natural and organic. Not only with the cosmetic products themselves, but also their containers!

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Get real and natural with these empty bamboo lipstick containers. Make your own lipsticks, lip balms, or mini deo sticks at home. Next, transfer them in these bamboo lipstick containers. They’re of premium quality bamboo and plastic that’s non-toxic and odor-free.

Produce your signature shades. There’s nothing wrong with personalizing your cosmetics! Even better, give them away as gifts. Or if you want the entrepreneur in you to shine, build your business with DIY lipsticks that are eco-friendly!

19. Home Décor Mini Sack Basket

Are you looking for ideas on how to revamp your space? How about sprucing it up with organics. Organic material has a way of letting a room have a serene and breathable vibe because of its texture and color.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Well, you’ll find out firsthand with this home décor mini sack basket. Give your plastic containers a rest and start fresh with these natural-sack threaded pieces. They do the work just the same. The work of decluttering and organizing your things.

More so, these mini sack baskets have a cord for hanging them on wall and cabinet hooks. Also, they have a stitched-in label for you to mark down what items are in the baskets.

20. Gardening Sponge For Hydroponics

Maybe you want to try being a Green Thumb but don’t have the garden space, or the garden (or anything close to a front/backyard). We understand the frustration. But don’t despair! You can still practice your new-found hobby through Hydroponics.

Hydroponics is a type of gardening that belongs under the umbrella of hydroculture. It doesn’t warrant soil to grow plants. And we have just the tool for you. The gardening sponge for hydroponics. You’ll be cultivating plants whose main source of nutrients are water.

And this gardening sponge is the ideal tool because it will assist you in managing the amount of water your plants will absorb. For soil-less cultivation, this is the way to go indeed.

21. Environmental Yoga Mat With Carry Bag

Being fit is a fad that will never get old. More than a fad, it should be a way of life. A lifestyle for you to incorporate in your weekly schedule. If you still haven’t found the physical activity or sport that will suit you, try yoga.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

And if you’re already into it, then pro or not, this environmental yoga mat with carry bag is definitely for you. You’ll be able to use and reuse this longer than most similar fitness products. This yoga mat is easy to clean, maintain and store.

Doing Yoga will be safer and more effective because of its non-slip feature.

That said, it comes with a carry bag for transport convenience.

22. Japanese-style Dried Fruit Dish Solid Wood Tableware

Ceramics. Plastic. Now, solid wood. You might be wondering what we’re talking about. We’re talking about none other than tableware. Dinnerware, for those of us who are more familiar with that word. Dishes can be Earth-centered, too!

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

This is true with this Japanese-style dried fruit dish solid wood tableware. Serving meals can be traditionally classy again with these pieces of dinnerware. They have a dark-toned finish that will standout on any table.

Made of lithocarpus glaber wood, it has a beauty and a strength that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, with their polish, moisture won’t seep through and form molds. You can store them away and retain their original quality without inconveniences.

23. Kitchen Food Storage Hanging Bag

Organize and store edibles such as fruits and vegetables in a way that’s not just convenient. Convenient and Earth-geared. There are tons of products out there that are slowly turning to this Nature-centered endeavor.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

And that include this kitchen food storage hanging bag. Its materials are eco-friendly, what with the durable polyester its mesh contains. They can withstand the weight of a number of fruits and vegetables. Don’t let size deceive you.

On the same page, this has “unique” written all over it. Due to the fact that it has an opening on the bottom of the bag itself, it’s no ordinary kitchen hanging pouch. You can grab those produce from said bottom opening with much comfort.

24. Leak-Proof Polka-Dotted Lunchbox

Save up on money from constantly buying throw-away lunch holders. We’re not giving you news here. We’re reminding you that lunchboxes are an excellent choice for keeping your money in your pocket, and helping the environment through Reusing.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

You’re going to want to get your mitts on this leak-proof polka-dotted lunchbox. The very first part of its title, “leak-proof”, is what most containers don’t have. Or at least, they promise it yet after one or 2 washes, that feature mysteriously disappears with the dishwashing soap bubbles.

But not with this product. Saucy dishes and soup for lunch? No problem? They’ll stay intact in this stylishly designed lunchbox.

25. Plastic Silicone Reusable Food Cover

Lengthening the shelf life of perishable shouldn’t be so hard. And yet, it is. You find product after product that offers sealing prowess unlike anything you’ve witnessed before. Only to be let down. Be let down no longer with item #25…

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The plastic silicone reusable food cover. Unlike easy-tear covers, this one will last because it’s meant to. Here’s a silicone cover that’s versatile, durable, and thicker than most. Those are 3 features other food covers cannot boast of.

26. 3D Wooden Jigsaw Board Puzzle

From time to time, you can let your children veer away from computer gadgets. Alternately, they can try out games that don’t require electricity. Not even batteries. Good, old-fashioned trinkets to enhance the brain like…

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

This 3D wooden jigsaw board puzzle. Games have the stigma that they rot brains out. They don’t do anything for your child’s logical and analytical thinking skills. However, with this jigsaw puzzle, their minds will be stimulated into action!

27. Wooden Educational Match Board Toy For Kids

Another environment-oriented toy for children? Oh, yes, of course. There’s no shortage of such games on here. We should learn how to strike a balance between games that require plugging in and ones that are traditional but still very effective.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Such a game is this wooden educational match board toy for kids. Teach them how to count from 1 to 10. Educate them regarding shapes, colors, and more! It’s a creative approach towards primary learning. Education and playtime in one sitting? This is it!

28. Montessori Wood Moon Balance Game

A second wooden toy on our Top 50 list? You got it! Your little tyke will need toys that are multifunctional. Toys that will engage his or her senses and develop them. Strengthen them. So here’s #28…

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The Montessori wood moon balance game. Let your child advance his or her motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and color association with this brightly colored wooden toy. Their imagination is worth caring for. Have loads of cheer and playtime along the way.

29. Natural Wooden Baby Teether Toy

When your baby starts teething, their biting and chewing become unstoppable! They’ll want relief in their gums because their growing teeth cause discomfort. Aid them with a teether that they will want to hold on to.

The natural wooden baby teether toy. It’s a non-plastic, non-silicone baby product that’s non-toxic. Absolutely safe for babies. This teether will help ease the gum aches and pains they feel as the wooden beads and cloth materials can be chewed on as a buffer.

30. Bamboo Wireless Qi-Enabled Charger Tray

Have a sneak-peek at a charger that contains… dundundun… wooden materials. It’s here and it’s not a joke. It’s an innovation towards the said device while maintaining a planet-friendly overall appearance and purpose.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Its name? The bamboo wireless Qi-enabled charger tray. It’s a 2-in-1 wireless charging device for mobile phones. And yes, it’s designed as a tray. You can lay your handheld, pen, and other items on it. Its dents are specifically carved out to hold more than one item.

The charger itself is built into this wooden product. Furthermore, it has fast heat dissipation properties, the tray provides good insulation for the charger. It’s a different take on planet-friendly meets technology.

31. Portable Chinese Stainless Steel Chopsticks

A fan of Asian food? Want to have a close-to-authentic experience when enjoying a Southeast Asian meal? Then you’re going to want to have a pair of dinnerware that isn’t a spoon or a fork. Chopsticks. In all caps.

These portable Chinese stainless steel chopsticks are grip-friendly. They offer comfort as you grab hold onto them, and in turn grab pieces of edibles without letting them slip. The upper portion of the chopsticks are encased with durable wheat straw for added support.

Above all, you can keep them in the case they come with, and store they neatly in your bag or in the cupboard.

32. Natural Superior Coconut Bowl Spoons Forks Set

Whoever thought that coconut shells could be fashioned into table ware? Check your cupboard. You have ceramic plates, stainless steel spoons and forks, a few plastic and wooden items as well. But coconut shell?

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

This is a first, and it will be a great addition to your collection. The natural superior coconut bowl, spoons, and fork set. 100% all-natural, this package is environment-aligned and reusable as it is gorgeous in its authenticity.

For the latter, it’s that each piece has a simple, native make that has its own charm and novelty.

33. Rubber Japanese Wood Plates

Want a complete overhaul for your home?  Okay, let’s narrow it down. An overhaul in your kitchen. More specifically, your cupboard items. Plates, plates galore. You’re going to fall in love with what next on here.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The rubber Japanese wood plates. It’s manufactured from rubber Japanese wood. Thus, you can be certain that they’re tough and resilient. They won’t easily crack, break, or lose their exquisite tone and texture.

On that note, these round, rectangle, square, and oval rubber Japanese wood plates are stain-resistant. They’ll always retain their original appearance.

34. Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

Dental hygiene is an essential habit we should take care of on a constant and regular basis. What if we told you that even this can be turned upside down to cater to a vision of allegiance towards saving the Earth?

Well, it surely can be turned upside down, in the best way possible, with this cool natural bamboo toothbrush. Bamboo? Really? Really. Most toothbrushes in the market are made of plastic, or a mix of plastic, silicone, and other non-organic materials.

This, however, is wholly made from natural bamboo. Hence, it’s non-toxic and chemical-free. The handle and the brush head in their entirety are of bamboo. To add, the bristles are of soft nylon.

Most remarkably, the brush has a case that’s also made of bamboo! Travel with it and let it have a mainstay in your bag all day, every day.

35. Rattan Cushion Mat

If you’re contemplating changing your furniture and upholstery to something more Zen and environment-allegiant, there’s a certain material that we’re sure will catch your eye. Have you ever heard of rattan?

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

You will now, with the rattan cushion mat.  Handcrafted with eco-friendly water hyacinth, this straw-braided pieces of furniture give off a nature-esque vibe that brings calm and relaxation to any room. Its outer lining is tightly woven while its inner filling is of PE foam.

36. Wooden Waterlily Lotus Coasters

Those bottom mug rims and glass stains sticking to your furniture and are tough to remove… Don’t you find it annoying when that happens? There’s good news. The solution to this problem is fairly simple but awe-inspiring.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Protect your furniture from glass stains with these wooden waterlily lotus coasters. They can handle both hot or cold drinks resiliently. In addition to this, they’ll protect any surface you set them on. So you can blow goodbye kisses to glass stains and the like.

37. Walnut Chopping Board

Considering how you have a passion for cooking and all thing non-plastic, it’s ideal to amass kitchenware that is long-lasting. If you’re going to invest in excellent ware, you might as well take into consideration their quality.

For the walnut chopping board, quality is the name of the game. It has a smooth finish which lets you cut food more conveniently. Second, walnut wood is high in durability. You won’t be bothered by cracks or rotting. Breaking and chipping will also be out of the picture with this strong board.

38. Wood Frame For Canvas Painting

Consider framing your own artwork and skip the trip to the framing shop that charges $$$ and above for the same job. Accomplishing things DIY has its invite and for paintings and photos close to your heart, you might as well seal it with a personalized touch of a frame.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

By utilizing this wood frame for canvas painting. The frame itself is of smooth pine wood material. In other words, it’s a renewable and reusable material. A characteristic of pine wood is popular for is its rot and mold-resistance.

In conclusion, when you hang your work and border them with these pine wood frames, they’ll be up there for a lifetime!

39. Ceramic Pots with 3-Tier Bamboo Shelf

Be your very own interior designer and bring life into the design and theme of your home. Greens are the safest and freshest way to rejuvenate your space’s whole look. There’s something about plants and their aura that brightens any place.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

If you’re not so interested in large potted plants, why not try these 3-piece ceramic pot set with a 3-tier bamboo shelf. If don’t yet, then you will grow fond of succulents as this set has pots that are ideal for them.

Display different kinds or one of the same, it’s up to you and your preference for your green-interior designing.

40. Hanging Rope Flower Pot Holder

Saving space and re-decorating your space can be 2 sides of the same coin. It’s possible to target one along with the other. And since we’re in the theme of going green, you’ll find that growing plants without cramping your pad is a feat.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Challenge, accepted! With this hanging rope flower pot holder. You won’t need floor space for your favorite flower and plant pots. Hang them across your ceiling and let their beauty and aroma fill the atmosphere.

These hanging ropes are thickly put together so they can hold heavier pots.

41. Blank Square Plaque

Are you in charge of the certifications to be distributed to amazing Employees of the Month? Or are you perhaps in search of material you can utilize for various artwork such as paintings, scrapbooking in poster form, and the like?

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

Then you’ll be nonplused with these blank square plaques. These blank square plaques smooth surfaces, you can write and paint on them, as well as glue art and scrapbooking materials. Let your creativity explode in color and glitter as you design these plaques according to your imagination!

42. Alphabet Letter Wood Stamp

Are you a retro and vintage-item collector? If aren’t, you can start today! Even more so if you love art and creating them DIY. If you want a unique and vintage manner of printing letters calligraphy-style, check this out…

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The alphabet letter wood stamps. Stamp these magnificently molded stamps on cards, letters, scrapbooks, and more. Each piece has an engraving that oozes grace and elegance. They’re detachable from their wooden handle. As a result, you’ll be able to switch the letters around without inconvenience.

43. Natural Unpainted Wooden Beads

Jewelry, galore! Make your own accessories so that you can customize and personalize them based on your spunky personality. If simply stringing together beads is too boring for you, paint them yourself with…

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

These natural unpainted wooden beads. These beads are carved and sculpted from natural wood which is why they’re smooth to paint on. Go nuts with colors you use from pastels to bolds, metallic to matte. Have accessories that are totally you!

44. DIY Wooden Vintage Miniature Figurines

Spend your downtime with an activity that will keep you productive, and your brain juices flowing with creativeness. Checking what’s new online or binging Netflix, that’s a choice. But when you’re under your roof and are wanting a meaningful way to fill idle time…

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

You’ll want to go for these DIY wooden vintage miniature figurines. These intricate DIY figurines are made of high-quality plywood material. They’re fashioned in specific sizes and shapes for your assembling fun!

Have a look at its instruction manual and assemble away.

45. Book Corner Wooden Ornament

The title includes the word “book”. But really, these ornate items on #45 aren’t just for books. They’re for frames of any sort, scrapbooking pages, and objects you want to embellish with these otherworldly ornaments.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The book corner wooden ornament. A pack consists of 4 intricately laser-cut corners that will bring sophistication to surfaces you wish to stick or glue them on. And if you want to up the ante, paint and color them lively.

46. Handmade Bamboo Tea Utensils

Tea-devotees, come hither. Preparing tea should be enjoyed just as much as you drink the actual cup of tea itself. Want to authentic and wonderfully traditional all the way? Here’s a set of tea-preparation tools.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The handmade bamboo tea utensils. These premium bamboo tea preparation instruments will offer you the experience of traditional tea-making. A set is composed of a tea tong, a teaspoon, a tea clip, tea needles, a tea scoop, and a bamboo tube.

47. 100-Piece Paper Coffee Filter

A fresh brew of coffee is a savory way of starting your day. Once you hit that button on your coffee maker and the beans or granules roast in a blend that’s bitter yet tasteful, a drink that’s pure and sifted is what caps it all.

And with the 100-piece paper coffee filter pack, you won’t have any regrets. These paper filters come from original pulp and are 100% natural. In consequence, they’re bleach-free. Moreover, they’re helpful in trapping particles for a clean cup of coffee.

48. Super Long Wooden Chopsticks For Cooking

Have you noticed how spatulas, plastic ones at least, are difficult to wield over hot pots and pans? As any plastic-made utensil responds, they melt. No matter how thick they are, they’re not resistant to heat.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

But these super long wooden chopsticks for cooking are. Their wood make is what allows them to withstand high temperatures. Consequently, you can stoke, stir, mix, and pick up ingredients in your casserole without damaging the chopsticks themselves.

49. Creative Wooden Japanese Chopsticks Holder

Now, for a partner to what we have on #48, add a touch of elegance to your table. Especially if you’re fond of using chopsticks as the main utensils during your meals. Instead of having them roll over dinnerware, set them on this…

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

The creative wooden Japanese chopsticks holder. They’re a good table décor. At the same time, they’re functional. Set your chopsticks down and keep them clean on these Japanese chopsticks holders.

50. Bamboo Steamer Basket Set

Southeast Asian snacks have a distinguishing factor that can’t be found in other types of cuisines. As for snacks, the same is true. If you have a liking for dumplings and Bao buns, then have them at home. In fact, DIY them and steam them natural-style.

50 Eco-Friendly Products For A Clean & Green Lifestyle

With the bamboo steamer basket set. All that’s require is hot water underneath, and you can steam layer after layer, one on top of the other. More essentially, you can steam and heat other edibles as well, such as vegetables, rice, and fish.

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